Sunday, May 15, 2005

15. 8 manifestations

I put up the 8 manifestations of Padmasambhava in the kitchen, so I can be inspired when I'm in there.

I tried to meditate this morning, after a while. It was ragged, rough.

Sunanda lost a nephew, the sangha wishes Sunanda well.

I dip into Tara Bennett-Goleman's Emotional Alchemy sometimes.

Difficult day, my birthday around the corner. Narcissism and entitlement are on the rise.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

14. Subhaddasi

Subhaddasi was here, and we profited greatly from his visit. He talked on Tuesday, Sangha night, and Saturday, a meditation day that Faye graciously hosted, and Vajramati cooked for. No more log of order members I have met, but it was an important visit.

This blog loses out to my mindfulness of William blog.

I've been reading Vessantara's Tales of Freedom. I'm always tired, overwhelmed, so I do try and repress my feelings, but I think where I am, is what I am, and I need to be more connected. I want to have more of an emotional calling for the three jewels.

How can I go for refuge more effectively? How can I manifest giving more emotionally? How can I meditate more, more effectively? How can I read more for quality than quantity? These are my present questions.