Saturday, December 17, 2005

30. Dream

I had my first Sangharakshita dream. I dreamt I was studying with Nagabodhi and him. Then we were all having a study break, and it was more of the sangha, Vajramati was there. Then we were touring the area, giving Sangharakshita a tour. For some reason the tour led to the NYU library, Bobst. I was going to show him where his books were (not really where they were in the library, but some other made up dream space). And they were moving his book. Sangharakshita had an idea, and he wanted to look up his book that began with the title "Knowledge..." and I went off to try and find it. But they were moving too much stuff. Sangharakshita found this old "European" space invaders game, and said, "I'm really good at this," and began playing. But there was also a Moo aspect to the game, and Sangharakshita said, "I wrote a part there, attributed to an Oxford team." I was wondering if they should try to publish that, and I saw him giving information to an old girlfriend on how to get some kind of information about selling her art. And I saw his handwriting, and I thought, "I wish I had a note from Sangharakshita."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

29. Kamalashila

We were graced with the presence of Kamalashila last night. We had a meditation and a question and answer period. He seems like a wonderful guy. I wish I could go on his month long Total immersion retreat next summer. Subadasi (sp?) came along too. Sita was so kind to host the event, even after she sprained her ankle. It was a wonderful evening.