Wednesday, January 18, 2006

33. Peak Experiences

Andrew has been getting good readings for us. We talked about peak meditation experiences. I had a really good meditation last night. I'm clinging to it, I want to reproduce it.

I rejoice is Seth's merit. He's seared out a cheap room to rent for mitra study so the Brooklyn people don't have such a long ride to attend. We've been alternating from Alyssa's in Bay Ridge, to Seth's in Astoria. That might be a problem for me, with my car, but I'm going to attend no matter what, no matter where, except when family demands me not to go. Seth's act is a wonderful act of inclusion and trying to meet everyone's needs.

Seth has also lent me some tapes: What the buddha felt. And he lent me a Thurman DVD.

I've been reading What Is The Sangha? and Pema Chodron's Comfortable With Uncertainty, which turns out is just a collection from her other stuff. I was reading that at lunch because it's one of the books in my car, and I stopped in a park to eat lunch and be away from the orifice.

I've been spinning all kinds of fantasies about retreats. I need to think some more to figure out my schedule till the GFR week in July that should be the highlight of my retreat year.

Carol sent me a book from Windmind, very kind of her.

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