Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gospel Music

Where I work, they have a choir, led by a young musical therapist. I have began to listen to gospel music on WLIB. I also occasionally use another web based program to listen to music.

Watching the movie Junebug, and A Prairie Home Companion, the song "Softly and Tenderly" is sung (only a fragment in PHC). I felt somehow touched by it even though it's christian. I sometimes convert Buddha to Jesus, but it usually doesn't work out. There's a different flavor to Jesus worship than there is to taking refuge in the Buddha. Nevertheless, I am still drawn to gospel music.

I searched for a free mp3 of the song. I should have gone straight to the Junebug website which actually gives away the mp3! I was so happy to have that! There's something very touching about the song to me. Click here to see the lyrics. The sheet music is here.

Wikipedia as usual has a good page on gospel music.

Throughout my life, I have resisted the traditional religion of America. But in finding my own spiritual path, I have felt greater affinity for other's spiritual paths, I'm much more appreciative of other's traditions. I see that as a good sign. It disgusts me to see religious intolerance. A base level of respect for people's own individual journey is my goal and aspiration.

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SJ said...

Funny coincidence. This Sunday I want to a Baptist service in Harlem. I was held and carried by the music and really had a heart connection with my faith, despite that I am not Christian and cannot relate to a number of elements in this creed. I was moved to tears, and humbled by the love and kindness expressed by the congregation to myself and my family, total strangers. Music is a shortcut to the heart and Gospel gets to the gut of me.