Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Naming Ceremony

We had a lovely ceremony a few weekends ago. Rosa's buddhist name is: Akusita (alert,
careful, mindful).

Made me think a lot about my own son's naming ceremonies. I especially love the circle of protectors. We tie a string or yarn around everyone's wrists, and you wear it till it falls off. I still have mine for Trebor and Jen's daughter. Non-Buddhists who came would tell me when theirs fell off, it connected with them too. It's a lovely lovely ritual. I recommend it to all Buddhists who have children. The ritual says, "hey world, we have a baby."

I found a family retreat at IMS, but Diana can't go, and I don't want to take my kids alone. So I won't be going on their family retreat, but I'm going to keep looking for them. I look with envy across the pond at England and all their rich activity, where the FWBO is strong.

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