Thursday, January 10, 2008

Apology and thanks.

I apologize to Danny Fisher for writing in a past post that he'd not given attention to the Dalit conditions. He's got 2 posts, one, two. I thank him for correcting me.

What I did was unskillful speech. Before I make such a statement I really need to make sure that it's true. My original comment, I hope, had metta in that I was disappointed by high expectations. My expectations were only confirmed by the revelation that he has covered it twice. He's got a great social consciousness. I admire his blog. And I hope to learn to tighten up my speech, and avoid such slander in the future.

I could be wrong about this, but my feeling of my order, is that you're not supposed to be a good Buddhist. You work to follow the dharma and that means that you can expose where you fall short of the ideals, because it's all about the growth and the process, and not about mere superficial appearances.
Someone said to me the other day, "no religion is perfect." I had to think...I mine? Of course not. Read about the struggles within the FWBO on it's discussion page. But the fact that such a page even exists!!! It's written by people within the order. Can you imagine such things existing in other religions. I want to be careful not to slander another religion? Perhaps I don't know. I haven't studied it. But my feeling, which is relevant and important, is that some institution were more concerned about appearances, and not what is underneath it. That was my experience of some other religious institutions. That is something that has pushed me away. Maybe no religion or sect or order is perfect, but some are more honest, transparent and alive. I'm not putting anyone down, I'm grateful to have found a place that makes me feel comfortable. I hope others can find their place, where ever it is.

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Danny Fisher said...

Ain't no thing, sir. Really. Just wanted you to know that the Dalits are certainly on my radar. Best to you.