Friday, February 15, 2008

warp speed

My head feels like I've just come out of warp speed when I'm on retreats. Recently my mind/head has begun to feel that increased clarity and space before retreats, as a kind of anticipation. It's really quite amazing that somehow my mind begins to ramp up to a retreat. I'm beginning to get that feeling about the upcoming solitary.

Lots of new details for this retreat. I have to cook for myself instead of the communal cooking, or Dino's wonderful cooking. I determine the program and schedule. I've focused on what books to read. As always, I'm tempted to try to "catch up" on my reading without the kids around. Thank you to Vajramati for talking through some of my preparations.

I really look forward to this experience, but I'm feeling a little guilt and sadness about leaving the family for so long. I'm glad I took another week off to be with them to make up for it.

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