Friday, March 13, 2009

The Essential Sangharakshita

Wisdom Publishing has come out with The Essential Sangharakshita, I got mine in the mail today. I'm very excited. I read the bit about it in the FWBO News.

He's got so much to read, we really need this volume. A Guide To The Buddhist Path is perhaps a collection of teachings that tries to collect a larger vision into one volume, but in no way can be compared to this.

I would go so far as to say this book should be amongst any respectable Buddhist's library.

My favorite books of his are A Survey Of Buddhism, Know Your Mind, The Three Jewels, Living With Kindness, Living With Awareness and The Yogi's Joy. Also Crossing The Stream, which are his early essays, are quite awesome. There are many other great ones. I haven't liked few. I've heard he really likes The Priceless Jewel, which was OK to me, but I didn't really think was that great.

I'm really interested into looking into this book. I expect to be writing more about this.

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