Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wildmind Book Review

It is my utmost honor to be published in Wildmind for a book review. Bodhipaksa is an excellent editor and an awesome writer. I can't wait till his book comes out. I read some drafts. I think after The Essential Sangharakshita, it will be the second most important book of the decade. I don't think I like the book because he's a friend and editor. Sometimes he freaks me out with his intelligence, stillness and wisdom, in a good way.

You know, I'm just one person, and the way I feel about books from within the order is different from books produced outside the order. I've been totally dragging my feet on a book review on Milarepa by Sangharakshita because the book just freaks me out it feels so deep. I have a feeling this by book Bodhipaska will be in my all time top 10, which include Vessantara's Meeting The Buddhas, A Survey of Buddhism and Know Your Mind by Sangharakshita, Stephen Batchelor's Buddhism Without Belief, The Hundred Verses of Advice by Dilgo Khyentse & Padampa Sangye, A Deeper Beauty by Paramananda, Touching Enlightenment by Reginald Ray, Zen Mind, Beginners Mind, and Nothing Special.

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