Monday, August 23, 2010

new talks

Vajradarshini gives another cracking talk, this time about consumerism.

Subhuti has a new talk post on FBA. I particularly like the suggestion that we need to spend more time turning into our primary experience. I live in such a distracted world.

I listened on Noah Levine's talk on perseverance, on his site Against The Stream. He's a young popular teacher, and you can hear people laughing, which is wonderful. I like it when he quotes another teacher who says meditation is one insult after another, once you get past the honeymoon of mindfulness. I prefer talks without the question and answer bits, though the questions here are OK. This is the first talk of his I've listened to, and it's not too shabby. Interestingly he discusses the importance of community to support your practice.

I also found 200 talks by Ayya Khema on Dharma Seed. She doesn't speak so loudly, so you have to turn up the volume. She's got a very no nonsense and challenging approach.

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