Friday, August 13, 2010

not over busy

There are 5 translations on access to insight website.

When I read the metta sutta, I think the alternate translation of what must be the same words or word:

Thanissaro Bhikkhu: with few duties
Ñanamoli Thera: With few tasks
The Amaravati Sangha: Unburdened with duties
Piyadassi Thera: with but few responsibilities
Acharya Buddharakkhita: Not over-busy

I have lots of duties, tasks, I feel burdened, with many responsibilities. I could aspire to not being over-busy. That makes me feel more hopeful, while I wait for my lovely children to grow up. I suppose if I don't think about it literally and work within my circumstances to be less cluttered, and also work to simplify my life.

We've read the sutta at my son's naming ceremony, both Jyoti's and Santikara's.

Wildmind has a interesting little book on metta:

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