Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Learning from the Heart: Lessons on Living, Loving, and ListeningLearning from the Heart: Lessons on Living, Loving, and Listening by Daniel Gottlieb

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I eschew self help type books. The line between insipid simplifications and positive suggestions is so thin. I would not naturally pick a book like his up.

Sometimes I like a simple obvious inspirational books, and I've taken a run at quite a few.

I feel pretty full of facts and information, or not want the challenge of a more theoretical book. I'm enjoying process so much more these days. So I don't totally look down my nose at this kind of book.

I am in a book club at my sons' school, and I've always wanted to be in a book club. This is what they chose to read. So I read it.

I've teared up many times reading this book. It's a touching book.

I think Gottlieb is a JewBu, because he quotes Buddhists, and talked about coming off a retreat, and feeling like the gains were quickly lost. There's a lot of implicit Buddhism, though he doesn't make it explicit, though at times he runs straight into it and talks about the Buddha's ideas about desire. But he also talks about God and the divine.

He's not just a Buddhist, he's a psychologist and a human. It made me wonder about my obsession with the Dharma. Maybe I need to loosen up and be a little more free ranging for a while. I liked his Jewish stories. It's a very spiritual book, and not offensive to me in any ways (it's easy to offend me with facile comments about God).

He tells good stories, and I felt his advice was pretty good about trying to accept things more. He includes poetry and has written a really good book in my opinion. I like his messy authenticity, his commitment to get closer to the bone.

I think much of his insight comes from having quadriplegia. He has to just sit and experience his emotions. Instead of distracting or doing something. He has to just sit there. He shares the wisdom of this experience.

He's also donating the proceeds to charities! Amazing. I can get behind this book on another level.

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