Sunday, March 27, 2011

rereading "Re-imagining the Buddha"

Going to study the essay that came out in December 2010.

So I've been rereading it. Looked up the Nagaloka statue.

It's not a giant Buddha.

Makes me also think Dharma Burgers, the way advertising uses Buddhist images to sell things.

Anyway, so there's a lot in Re-imagining the Buddha, but the most important thing is that it puts the Pali Cannon and the Buddha above later developments in importance, which isn't really a surprise. Supposedly someone asked in India, about the TBC, "what yana do you practice?" The fellow answered, "Buddhayana".

So this essay is also accompanied by talks by one of the movement's leaders, Subhuti. You can find them on free buddhist audio. Click on this sentence for a lead meditation based on the Tiratna Vandana.

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