Saturday, November 19, 2011


Read the New York Times review. They even have a video about it with interviews and footage. I'm not an opera critic. I'm not a music critic like my friend Mark. I'm not even even very knowledgeable about Gandhi, Tolstoy or Martin Luther King. I'm not even that versed on the Bhagavad Gita. Though I have read it once.

I don't think there's any Buddhist opera, and googling "Buddhist Opera" doesn't turn up much information. But I did turn up this FWBO video, about an opera they put on! Amazing, I didn't know about this. Supposedly they did it in 2002

Anyway, the rube that I am, I could still appreciate the amazing production, that was broadcast live, which was probably why Glass himself came out on stage and took a bow. Quite amazing use of newspaper, projection, puppetry, acrobats and stilt walking.

As I've written before Satyagraha is a transcendent concept and they demonstrated that well by raising coats, people raising up, and the slow meditative way people walked. It was a lovely meditation.

Opera is such an amazing thing, the amount of effort that goes into a production must be amazing. The building is amazing. When the opera started, the chandeliers went up. I like it that there's people in jeans and people dressed up, it's truly a take it as you like kind of event.

So I highly recommend seeing this opera and going to the Met, which puts on an amazing show.

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