Saturday, October 13, 2012

the sales pitch

I find the sales pitch to upgrade on Spotify prime interesting.  Usually ads aren't interesting.  Spotify is a music app that plays music (when did we stop calling them programs?).  If you don't upgrade to prime, you can play it on your computer, but not your smart phone, and there are adds.  I've used Rhapsody and Pandora, but somehow Spotify has enough of the music on line for me not to worry.  Only the heavy hitters aren't on Spotify and I'm OK with that.  Most of the music I like isn't mainstream anyway.

The add says something like:  Don't steal the music, listen to spotify, and every time you listen to a favorite artist, you earn money for the artist.

The argument appeals to your ethics, in the Buddhist's case, the ten precepts.  Not to take the not given, the second precept.  The flip side virtue is generosity.  This ad appeals to my ethical sense.  Usually ads appeal to the lower nature, desire for status, appealing women, ease in life.  This ad essentially says you will feel better if you stop stealing.  I like it.

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