Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sangharakshita quote from seminar

"...supposing you are just waiting for somebody to turn up, someone that you are very attached to, and supposing they promised to meet you at 2 o’clock, and they don’t turn up and they still haven’t turned up at three, four, five. You go through all sorts of torments, agonies, you feel like killing that person, committing suicide. [Laughter] You are never going to speak to them again. You go through all that and at the same time you see perhaps, quite clearly within the context of all those very painful experiences, your own utter dependence, your emotional dependence, the utter uselessness and utter foolishness and ridiculousness of it. You see it very, very clearly. In the midst of the insanity there is a real glimpse of sanity. You can sometimes have that sort of experience, in all sorts of ways and all sorts of contexts." (From Seminar on Bardo Thodol)

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