Friday, March 08, 2013


I think we should cut down or eliminate eating meat because animals suffer, and farming practices are not kind to animals. Chicken beaks are cut off so they don't peck each other to death in their tiny cages, where they break their legs and go psychotic. Once you open your eyes to the meatrix, it's hard to close your eyes.

There are ethical reasons to quit or cut down on eating meat, and then there are health reasons. (There are also ecological reasons.) Recently there's been a preponderance of evidence that meat isn't so great for you. My partner Cori is into nutrition, so I've been paying attention a little more lately.

We wouldn't need to spend all this time figuring things out, except the technologies of the food industry are getting better and better. Add salt, sweets and fat, and you've got a winner.

As humans, we want to fill up because until recently the threat of starvation was real.

Salt is not good for mice.

Salami has been linked with heart disease and cancer.

Meatless Monday is beginning to gather steam.

The amount of bacon you can eat safely is very small.

Food is even sexualized bizarrely.

Bloomberg is trying to do something about it, and it will effect coffee drinkers too.

The other day I saw a horrible photo of a naked woman with a cow head. It was almost like it was straight out of The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-vegetarian Critical Theory, 20th Anniversary Edition

I'm not going to lie. I'm not a strict vegetarian. I eat meat occasionally. I feel too much pressure at times to eat meat, it's too convenient, and I do eat meat occasionally. I'm not perfect, I'm a work in progress. I'm not totally in control of myself, but I do believe in moving towards health. I see myself as a flexatarian who is working to evolve towards full vegetarianism, even towards being vegan.

Spirituality to me is about a direction, not a destination. And I think the ultimate is to become a locavore vegan. That is what I wish to evolve towards, even if I'm not completely there.

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