Sunday, May 05, 2013


Many years ago, there was a guy who was wooing my roommate. He was a bit portly, not the greatest looker, but he was kind, thoughtful and because he wasn't so good looking, he didn't get caught up in a lot of the shenanigans people get caught up in. My memory is of him getting amused at the stupid things people do. One thing he had in common with the roommate was a kind of critique of how silly others live, poor decisions others make. He did eventually woo my roommate, and even though she denied nothing was going on with him. One day we got a wedding invitation. He'd worn her down. I can't say he was friend because we never chose to hang out together, just him and me, and it was circumstances that we were in the same room. He was friends with my ex's brother, they had a chum group we occasionally joined in on. I did quite like him. We drifted away, as lives go separate ways, but I always liked him, and enjoyed his presence when I shared it. Yesterday I found out he passed away. Life is short. Life is precious. Goodbye. You had qualities I admired and I will miss you.

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