Saturday, January 17, 2015

Meditating with a new cat

Anandi enjoys cats, and she waited an appropriate time after Oscar died, and then she decided she wanted rescue cats from the shelter. She adopted Ella and Lulu (originally Booboo and Cupcake). They were fixed free of charge, and their first vet visit is free if done within a certain time limit. We got the cats the next day, because they don't perform an operation on a cat that they will eventually put down. They used the phrase "no longer available" to describe one cat. There are no snuff shelters but the city one is not one of those. Here's the search site if you're looking for a cat in NYC. The place is pretty disturbing but it feels good to snatch a cat from the jaws of extinction. I wanted to adopt them all. Talking to one of the workers there, we asked her how she does it. She said she'd avoided it for quite a while, but finally she was able to accept the situation. You can volunteer there if you like animals. And I guess that's where you can go if you have to get rid of an animal and you can't find someone to take it. Luckily my aunt took my cats when I moved and couldn't take my cats. And she got someone to take the cats when she moved.

They are obviously traumatized from living in the shelter, and who knows what before that. I call them scairdy cats sometimes. Each day they relax their vigilance brought on by the traumas of their past.

We sat down to meditate for the first time since getting them today, and Ella was clawing at Anandi's foot.

Ella proceeded to snuggle in, head butt her. She brushed by me. We laughed. And that was all after chasing the bird off the air conditioner near our shrine.

As always, you focus on the breath. The cats will learn we don't pet them when we're meditating. But they did like it when we finished.

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