Monday, June 25, 2018


Support the Rohingyas.

Listen to Vishvapani: The problems of a Buddhist state. "Buddhists are only as good as their actions, and I fear that some of the actions we’re currently seeing are very bad indeed."

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tenzing Palmo

Tenzing Palmo was born in 1943 named Diane to a fishmonger in London's East End. Her father died when she was 2. She was sickly and did well in school and on IQ tests. You can read all about her in Cave In The Snow. Unfortunately the book is not written by Penzing Palmo.

It is notable that she vowed to become enlightened as a woman. A bold statement when you can be reincarnated as a man and have an allegedly easier path. Anyway, she didn't so much see herself as a woman, as a child.

There are many videos of her teachings but this one is the one I watched. She talks about how selfish meditators don't really get the point of Buddhism, and it should improve their lives and those around them.

There's an interesting article in the Times about a study where meditation in the work place decreased motivation. I don't know if their production went down, it's possible people are too motivated at work. There were no gains in terms of productivity for meditating.

Anyway, dipping into a little of info about Tenzing Palmo today, watching videos and reading Cave In The Snow. I'm hoping to read the book to my daughter when she gets older.