Saturday, July 10, 2004

12. Missed first mitra meeting

I missed my first mitra meeting in a long while. I woke up too late to drive to Brooklyn. I'm not sure why I suggested going to meditate in people's houses, when we're spending so much time in New Jersey. It's a long schlepp from NJ. I was thinking I'd always be in Queens. Feels kind of weird to miss a meeting, I haven't missed one in a long while.

Vajramati is back, I want to call him, after he's settled in a little. He's performing a marriage tomorrow too. Alyssa organized a visit to the Buddhist temple in Staten Island, but that seems too far, for this relaxing family weekend.

I want to see Trebor too.

I've been having better meditations since I stopped judging myself so harshly, that layer of distraction and energy depletion is gone.

Haven't been reading or listening to any Buddhism. I'll check out the Buddhist news network website now, though.

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