Sunday, November 20, 2005

25. The Four Acceptances

With loyalty to my teachers I accept this ordination.

In harmony with friends and brethren I accept this ordination.

For the attainment of enlightenment I accept this ordination.

For the benefit of all beings I accept this ordination.

This was the theme of the last GFR retreat which I got to participate for the weekend. These acceptances repeated in the ordination ceremony.

I met Dhammarati, president of the preceptors college. Naghabodhi gave a good talk on the first acceptance. I missed the other lectures. Vajramati reports at the end of the retreat, the mitras were getting up at 4:30 to meditate. I got a lot of benefit out of the weekend. I hope to go on the week GFR retreat before the N. American order convention in June.

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Jayarava said...

Hi Stephen, just found your blog. I trawl the web looking for other FWBO bloggers and personal websites and have added this one to my directory site.

Six months ago tomorrow I took the four acceptance vows - powerful stuff. It's good to see them being talked about as they take some thinking about and it's a shame that most people only hear them at their own ordination.