Friday, August 06, 2010


"What is reborn? To say that the 'being' reborn is identical with the being lately dead would be the extreme of eternalism. To say that he was not identical would be nihilism. Avoiding these two extremes, the Buddha teaches the Middle Way, namely, just this doctrine of conditioned co-production, 'This being, that becomes; from the arising of this, that arises, etc.' Rebirth takes place, but in reality no 'being' is reborn. Going as it does so much against the grain of our deep rooted attachment to the delusion of permanent individuality, this application of the pratitya-samutpada to the rebirth process is one of the hardest ideas to grasp in the whole range of Buddhist teachings. It is not to be understood even intellectually without careful and impartial study and a certain amount of meditation."

p. 132 Suvery of Buddhism by Sangharakshita (italics included, but not diacriticals)

For some reason that reminds me a lovely book:

And of course there are so many good books on the 12 nidanas, but I like

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