Friday, July 01, 2005

20. Anil

I've started a correspondence with Anil in Pune, India. I am quite excited. I hope I don't snow him over with details about my life, I hope I'm a good correspondent. I feel very lucky that he sent an e-mail to Vajramati asking for people to correspond with to bridge the gap between east and west in the order of F/WBO & TBMSG. A worthy goal.

Sangha night on Tuesday was good. I like meditating with the group. We have good discussions and it's good to hear Dharma talk. But I rush home, and I'm exhausted, because I have so much energy and have trouble falling asleep. I should go to sleep now, while I have the opportunity. I still cling to comfort.

I did get to listen to Sangharakshita lectures driving to work from New Jersey today, which feels dharmic.