Monday, March 20, 2006


Lokabhandu is in town, and he's an amazing guy. He's just been on a whirlwind tour of FWBO centers around the world. He went on a retreat in India with 3,500 people. That must have been one awesome puja! I wish him well in his travels and in his new post for the F/WBO/TBMSG. I had a lovely evening with him and Vajramati. I appreciate Lokabhandu taking my peppering him with questions well.

But to my horror and a slight chill, I see my blog listed on the FWBO blogspot: Yikes and egads. A very public note pad! I suppose that's what I hoped, but I guess I'd given up on the idea. I'll have to be more conscious when I write here.

Vajramati gave me Buddhist Saints In India by Reginald Ray. That's my next book to read.

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Jayarava said...

Hi Stephen,

Sorry to have given you a shock and a chill by including your blog in the News Site. It's a reversible operation if you prefer, but yes, it will be much more likely to direct people to your blog. I think blogs like yours are quite important in allowing people to see what FWBO people are like. I'm very keen to link to, to highlight where appropriate, the FWBO webpresense - especially the non-institutional efforts! I have Flickr and MySpace websites so that I can link up with Friends in those arenas as well.

I'm planning a blog aggregator for the FWBO on the all-new News site that's under construction. Blogger is getting to slow and too limited for what I want to do with it. The aggregator will be a webpage that shows recent headlines from a range of FWBO blogs - quite a exciting development I think!