Friday, November 07, 2008

Great writing sites by FWBO

I've blogged about free talk and other great sites. Here are my favorite sits of writings.

First is Free Buddhist Audio's transcripts of seminars and other writings.

Then there is Wildmind.
It's does not emphasize the FWBO, is more about meditation, but it does branch out from there. Many wonderful book reviews and essays.

Cittapala has a wonderful site with some excellent writing. I've read The Bodhisattva's Reply, and other writings, on vegetarianism, on the 6 Element Practice.

Another good site for writing is writing by Vishvapani.

He also has a lot of good article on the FWBO Discussion page, which is incidentally another good area for writings by FWBO people.

No list of FWBO writings is complete without two leading writers: Vessantara & Kamalashila.

Don't forget the seminal writings of Bante on his site, where he gives away free books.

Finally, a list of all the FWBO blogs is here.
From Jayarava to Svarnaprabha.

There are many other wonderful sites, if I've forgotten something please add it in the comments.

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Stephen Parks Bell said...

We had a lovely practice day with Nagabodhi about Shantideva and he suggested Cittipala's essay, so I'm going to be reading that soon, and I am confirmed that his website has some excellent Buddhist writings!