Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm thankful.

I am thankful Vajramati came to New York City and taught me meditation, that he remains here to build the sangha here in NYC. I'm thankful to Dhammarati for coming across the pond for GFR retreat. I'm thankful to all the other order members who support the ordination process in the USA. I'm thankful for the order existing, so that I can seek ordination into it. I am thankful to Sangharakshita for founding the order, and all that went into that.

I am thanksful for the teachings, which have been passed on. I am thankful for the sangha which allows me to support others, and supports me in my efforts to close the distance between myself and the Buddha (still a long distance, but getting shorter).

I am thankful for my wife who has not tried to block my spiritual development. Though she dislikes me leaving the family for whatever reason, she negotiates within her level of comfort, and that allows me to go on week long retreats. At times I have not gone on retreat, done things with the sangha. But there is a balance and I am confident that we can continue to negotiate this balance. Of course my wife is more to me than the freedom and sensitivity around the issue of this spiritual path. She is much more to me than that, and for that I am also grateful.

I am thankful to my boys for their spiritual challenges, the way they have exposed areas for growth.

From William's Wonder Years

I am thankful to my family, past, present and future. I am thankful to those who have supported me, allowed me to have the strength to be at the level I am. I am thankful to the level of support I get from the family today, in so many ways. I am thankful for what I expect will be further support, and my being able to support others, in the future. I could go on about specifics, but I won't. It takes more than a village to raise a child, but one village has been my family. I am truly grateful for them, including my in-laws, the family I married into.

I am thankful to all my academic teachers. Teachers in schools are a gift. I thank them all past and present. I am thankful to the government and country which created these fine schools, and sustain them. I am thankful for the school my son's go to, and all the excellent teachers and staff there.

I am thankful to all the medical personnel who have sustained my health.

I am thankful to all my friends throughout my life. I treasure past and present friendships.

I'm thankful for all the people that support my existence. The people who built the co-op I live in, the people who grow, harvest and transport and store my food. The people who sustain the wonderful subway, built roads, all for swift transport. I'm thankful for the amazing technology that allows me to learn more and communicate.

I am grateful for my abilities, including the one to be thankful now.

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Pete Hoge said...

Nice post.

I suffer from much anger but
somehow gratitude peeks through.