Saturday, January 16, 2010

More about name changes

The Western Buddhist Order was changed to Triratna Buddhist Order. Instead of Friends of the Triratna Buddhist Order, Sangharakshita and the order want to just call it Triratna Buddhist Community. So instead of the WBO and FWBO, there's the TBO and TBC. I await the offical announcements on FWBO/TBMSG News. Thus I have relied on e-mails to the order, which were shared by order members.

A friend had trouble adding the first R in, because there's a mantra that has a similar word. Here is a link to the mantra.

More on change to follow.

Another order member blogs...

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Jayarava said...

Hi Stephen

Have you seen my blog on the new name? Triratna Buddhist Order

As I say - hopefully we won't immediately start using acronyms that say nothing about us.

Triratna is Sanskrit. Tiratana is Pāli. The Tiratana Vandana is not really a mantra, it's a vandana or 'verse of praise'.

Is the FWBO News 'official'? It's come a long way if so - it was started by a maverick mitra who got sick of not knowing what was going on! I'm puzzled as to why Lokabandhu has so far failed to mention the name change - probably the most momentous thing to happen since we changed from upasaka/upasika to dharmacāri/dharmacāriṇī.

Best Wishes