Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 5

Buddhanussati is the imaginative practice of imagining the Buddha. It was mentioned by Pingiya (search his name to get the scriptural source).

I remember once at a practice day we were asked to go out and buy something to put on the shrine (that we could keep later) and to imagine the Buddha with us. I felt a sort of awe at a greater consciousness and empathy, it was hard to just walk past people on the street, and disengage. I bought bubbles, which I later gave to my kids.

Also sometimes when I drive, I try to imagine I'm the Buddha.

I have read a lot on the Buddha, done retreats on the Buddha jewel, chanted the Sakyamuni mantra. I think this is an interesting practice. I have never really read a development of the practice, except in Ratnaguna's lovely book, The Art of Reflection.

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