Saturday, March 10, 2012

I want to die. How can I die?

So I was looking at my analytics, and as predicted in the Elephant Journal, my post I want to Die, how can I die, is by far my most popular blog post.

Depression is a terrible thing, and to suffer so much, the easiest way of dealing with that is to end life.  It speaks of great suffering.  I've only had one patient who tried, and he hid it from me.  Others who talk about it, they lose it when they express and problem solve their suffering with me.

I read in a book once that sometimes people don't need rehabilitation, they need habilitation.  I think as I've gone on as a psychotherapist, I've moved more towards existentialism and the creation of meaning.  What is meaningful for you?  People are in a fog.  They don't know what is important to them.

For me, on that journey, the discovery of Buddhism, the Dharma.  This blog is an elaboration of that.  Taking a spiritual journey to explore all the religions and spiritual classics is a wonderful thing.

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