Friday, July 05, 2013

4th of July

Liberal commies like me have a harder time expressing patriotism because we feel so let down by the promise of equality and justice. There is no doubt that the middle class is shrinking and we have drifted right into the politics of hate. What's to be proud of there?

God fearing red blooded Republicans seem to have won. The vapid anti-government talk of personal responsibility, white washes structural inequality, racism, poverty, and the limited reductionism of the republican victory. I take no pride in the anti-community, greedy darwinism of the Reagan dawn.

Even Nixon sent poor people large tax rebates in the mail, no stigma. Current republicans are indifferent to others suffering, justifying it by talk of enabling the poor and cycles of poverty. I happen to work with the poor and know what they are talkin about, but disagree about whether we are smart enough to work with that.

And the neo-liberals have allowed it all to happen, went gently into the night. Chaney may have had lots of Halliburton stock, but I challenge democrats to rid themselves of this stock. Oh, no wait, greed is good. No wait, greed isn't good. We need to two party system to throw out corrupt politicians on both sides.

I'm grateful to my grandfathers and fathers, grandmothers and mothers, who fought for a better America. I hope to have to courage to fight for a fair and just America. An America that doesn't need to flex it's muscle through the military, but flexes it's dignity with restraint and wisdom.

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