Monday, July 20, 2015

First chapter of Buddhism for Couples.

One of the many gifts of mindfulness is that as you get older, there can be a feeling that you've seen it all before. Surprisingly Buddhism for Couples: A Calm Approach to Relationships had some information that I had not read before, and I have a little quibble after reading the first chapter. My quibble was that "studies after studies" show that a two parent family is the best. For a writer who uses footnotes, it was curious that she didn't footnote that.

I think better than the nuclear family is the extended family and a support network and friends who help out. I moved to NYC to help out my aunt and uncle with her twins and it was quite a wonderful experience. Sure there were times it felt like drudgery. It's also quite a good birth control. There are quite enough children in the world, go help someone else out. Why do they have to be yours? The responsibility of your children is that you're the last line, when nobody else cares. I think the best and simple way to be a good parent is to be present. From there all else unfolds.

But beyond my little quibble that it's more the support network, there were many interesting insights that I won't give away in the first chapter. I enjoyed it.

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