Friday, January 25, 2019

2 stories in the News

Birth of Liquid Desires: Consigne: gâcher l’ardoise totale? = Instructions: ruin the total slate

1. Buddhist gambler donates winnings of $671K. Scott Wellenbach "Wellenbach has donated his poker winnings because he doesn’t feel comfortable making money off of a game that leads others to addiction and suffering. In the past, Wellenbach has supported various causes focussed on housing, health care, food, education, and human rights." according to Lion's Roar. He won $72K in 2017 and pledged it to a nunnery. He talks about his conversations around the poker table as being some of the best he's ever had. He lives in Halifax, Canada. He estimates he's donated over a million in winnings.

2. The person who impregnated a woman in a coma is a christian hip hop artist. I went and listened to his group Sleeplessouljaz, with his sister, and the first thing he says is, "I just want to know what God has to do with a little booty shaking, a little whiskey drinking, a little sex sex here, shhh, don't tell nobody," and then goes on to sing the rest of his song Fake Face. The irony. Perhaps he had some sort of presentment. We all struggle with what we wish to be, and what we really are. Honesty about that is important.

Regardless of the faith, the divorce between the head and the heart is a source of misery and tragedy according to Shakespeare (or is it Edward de Vere?).

In the one case, a person with integration through meditation, enters a potentially intoxicating situation and the world comes out better.

In the second case, a spiritual person loses his way because his heart doesn't match up with his head.

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