Tuesday, June 29, 2004

3. Log to date

GFR Ordination Log (Firsts, retreats and order members met, not books)

7/24/02 Begin beginning meditation class with Vajramati
8/16/02 Begin daily meditation practice, after completing the 4 course beginning course with Vajramati.
10/4/02. Meet Sunanda, who is visiting Vajramati.
10/25/02 Met Vidyajyoti
10/20/02. First Sunday retreat at Simon's, 10am-4pm.
12/27/02. Week long retreat at Aryaloka on Brahma-vihara led by Manapa. Made first offering during a sevenfold puja. Met Shrijnana, Suriyadhamma, Max (now Amaradeva), Mark (now Sravaniya).
1/19/03 Mitra ceremony
1/25/03 Begin mitra study, guest lead by Kulananda
1/26/03 Lunch with Kulananda
3/28-30. Weekend Diamond Sutra Men's Retreat with Suddhayu.
4/21/03. First Dharma talk on Avoloketeshvara at Sangha meeting.
5/31-6/2. Yoga Retreat at Aryaloka with Saddhamala and Michelle McComb (yoga).
7/11-13. Just Retreat with Manapa and Amala. Precept Grid Saturday, Sunday Poetry
9/4/03. Asked Vajramati for ordination.
10/10-12. First GFR Retreat led by Manjuvajra, met Nagabodhi, Thiradhamma
12/7. Retreat day at Simon's led by Bodhipaksa.
12/11-13. Amaradeva stays with us. First FWBO visit, meditation with me at home.
12/23. Talk on Ratnasambhava (Alyssa, Mary Ann, Sita and V). Talk #2
12/27-1/04/04. 8 Day GFR Retreat on ethics. Met Rattanotara, Vajrabandu. Also spent time with Vajramati, Thirradhamma, Amaradeva, and Manjuvajra, Steve Wade, Allan. Met Tony, Don and others.
2/20-22. Retreat with Bodhipaksha, drove up with Andrew, Alyssa and Sita.
3/15/04. Got the complete lectures of Sangharakshita on MP3s for my iPod.
4/14/04. William Honorato Bell is born.
4/19/04. Met David Smith, talked to sangha.
5/12/04. Graduate with a masters in social work from NYU.
5/19/04. Meditated 4 times in one day (solo).
6/12/04. Jyoti's naming ceremony. (Andrew, Sita, and Vajramati attend in sangha)
6/19/04. Met Stephen Batchelor for breakfast (with Vajramati, Andrew, Sita, Laura)
6/22/04. Talk to sangha on 5 spiritual faculties.

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