Wednesday, June 30, 2004

5. Last week's sangha night

Last week was interesting. We could not get the key to work. And so Andrew suggested we go to his office building. His office building has open floors, no occupants. Now it's taking the not given, but we were desperate, and it seemed harmless. We left no trace. Andrew, Sita, Alyssa, Jason and Bridget were there. Jason and Andrew did not meditate against the wall, but the rest did, since we did not have any mats or anything. Sita lead the chanting and Andrew the meditation.

Then I gave a little talk on the 5 spiritual faculties. I thought it went well, and there was some good input. Andrew pointed out that Vajramati prefers "confidence" to "faith" because of all the negative associations with that word. Turns out Bridget gave a talk on the 5 spiritual faculties once, and it was good review for her. Sita ran off after the meditation. She said she really needed the meditation. She's very busy with her summer course she's taking. Also her sister is pregnant, ready to pop, we're waiting to hear news.

Anyway, it was an interesting little adventure, and then next week good old Andrew got a key for the new lock, and we were back in our space. A little sangha night adventure.


Shrijnana said...

Hi Steve,

It's good to hear how things are going in NYC. Keep us posted.

angel said...

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