Wednesday, July 07, 2004

10 Sangha Night

Andrew and I felt bad, a guy came to the sangha night, after 3 beginning classes. Someone told him he could come. We were wondering how he found out where it was.

Jason, Alyssa and Andrew were there with me for Tuesday's sangha night, our last night without Vajramati. I think it does a sangha good to have the order member go away, I missed Vajramati and his leadership. It's not easy coming up with programming. I'm not sure how he does all the stuff he does, except that I know dharma activity can be addictive.

Andrew lead the meditation and chanting. He's a natural leader. In the second half I talked a little about the subtle hindrances, because I was excited to learn about them. But then we had a meditation reporting in, which was very good for me. Alyssa, Andrew and Jason suggested I was being hard on myself. A month of spotty meditation because of the birth of my bambino and trying to get it back, there's going to be some fall off in meditation. That I meditate every day for 40 minutes impressed them. So less judgment, that's the idea.

It was good to hear about Alyssa, Andrew and Jason's lives.

I stayed in position today, but wiggled and was distracted. Maybe I'll meditate again, I've got some time this afternoon.

I haven't been reading any dharma, which feels weird, and I read some Thich Nhat Hanh (The Heart of Buddha's Teaching) and enjoying it. I was reading Subuti's Buddhism For Today, and it was review, though I did get some things out of it. But it's nice to put it down.

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