Thursday, March 23, 2006


I got a deluxe bench from Windmind today. It's pretty good, but I can imagine a non-portable model that would be more stable. The legs come out from the middle, which is handy when you fold them up, but not so much for balance. It has adjustable legs, which is what I like. Check it out at:

My first bench, which I ordered online from I don't know where, I gave to Alyssa, because she's so wonderful. My second bench I got at Aryaloka, made by Bill, and it's my sturdy backup, not sure what to do with it now. Maybe I'll give it to the sangha or maybe I'll take it to work. I also got a cushion which I sometimes use. That's in the car right now. Then I got the cheapest bench I could to leave at Virginia's but we're not there much any more. So I left it at the sangha night space in Soho. And now this deluxe one!

Monday, March 20, 2006


Lokabhandu is in town, and he's an amazing guy. He's just been on a whirlwind tour of FWBO centers around the world. He went on a retreat in India with 3,500 people. That must have been one awesome puja! I wish him well in his travels and in his new post for the F/WBO/TBMSG. I had a lovely evening with him and Vajramati. I appreciate Lokabhandu taking my peppering him with questions well.

But to my horror and a slight chill, I see my blog listed on the FWBO blogspot: Yikes and egads. A very public note pad! I suppose that's what I hoped, but I guess I'd given up on the idea. I'll have to be more conscious when I write here.

Vajramati gave me Buddhist Saints In India by Reginald Ray. That's my next book to read.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Hundred Verses

I'm trying to increase my time meditating. I went for 50 minutes this morning.

I've greatly enjoyed The Hundred Verses of Advice. Quite inspiring. I've been reading Batchelor's The Awakening of the West. History is sort of secondary, but important anyway. One book triggers more books, there's so much to read, and I love reading, but for me reading is all about motivation about meditating. Meditate meditate meditate!

I continue to listen to free podcasts of the dharma, and enjoy reading the Jalaka reporting in of other GFR mitras.

When Eric goes, William is back into his room, and Andrew begins to go from cradle to crib, and perhaps I can meditate in front of my shrine and not be a nomad in my own house. I enjoy chanting the refuges and precepts from my recently acquired puja book.

We're reconnecting this Saturday with the mitras after 3 weeks. I look forward to it.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

father's haiku on a photo of buddha i took

I took the photo on retreat at Aryaloka. It was a wonderful retreat about going to the Buddha for refuge, with Vidhuma leading it.