Sunday, April 30, 2006


I particularly like the therapist/buddhist writers. Jack Kornfield and Sylvia Boorsteen don't so much address it, but they are also trained clinical psychologists. Mark Epstein in a psychiatrist, and he addresses both more specifically. But my favorite of them all is John Welwood, at the moment at least, based on my finally getting towards the end of his excellent book Toward A Psychology of Awakening. His discussion of the way that psychotherapy and meditation can compliment each other is very good. He articulates "spiritual bypassism" in which you use the teachings to reinforce your personal dynamics instead of improving on them. I've found it a useful work.

Andrew has had an intense retreat experience, sympathetic joy to him. Reginald Ray has his own Wikipedia entry, he led the retreat:

I was kind of bummed to say I'll miss some of the next Saturday mitra meetings because of my wife's pressing paper deadlines and the need for me to watch the boys. I look forward to returning to sangha night soon.

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