Friday, October 27, 2006


An interesting map is about the spread and territory of Mahayana and Teravadan schools of buddhism.

I continue to enjoy Dhammarati's blog, he's got some interesting posts, including a summary of a discussion with Bante.

We've been studying the five spiritual faculties on sangha night.

In mitra study we're studying Know Your Mind by Sangharakashita, published by Windhorse. On my own I'm reading Bante's The Eternal Legacy. I've been feeling a little scattered in my studies, I wonder if I should just focus on one area. I listen to lovely free talks from Dharmachakra. And I suplament my reading by getting sutras off the web, by going to the Wikipedia article on the Diamond Sutra, for instance,and then priting out one of the free versions. I recently printed out the latest Chan Magazine.

There's a translation from the Chinese of the chapter in the Lankavatara Sutra about not eating meat. Also the Avatamsaka Sutra. I've discovered these looking up what is available on line reading The Eternal Legacy.

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