Monday, October 16, 2006


I went up to Aryaloka with Alyssa. Also from NYC were Sita, Faye, and Andrew. Poor Trebor was snowed in, in Buffalo. Nagabodhi led the retreat, plus Amala and Khemavassika were there. It was a lovely retreat. I love it on so many levels: The people, the meditation, dharma talks, puja, nature, and even the food is lovely.

I think I've been to about 20 retreats up in Aryaloka over the past 4 years, but I never get enough of it, I cling to the experience, want more than life is giving me. It's hard to really describe what goes on, but threw being with other Buddhists, and being in the retreat atmosphere, you really feel something happening deep inside, even on a short weekend retreat.

Driving home we added in Andrew who works for Tricycle, writing an excellent blog, and is very much into Reginal Ray and has enjoyed many of his retreats.

Meanwhile in London England, the venerable Sangharakshita made a speech at the London Buddhist Center

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