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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

video blog with Alyssa and I

Alyssa and I were in the park, and some people came up to us and asked us questions for their video blog. Go here to watch the video.

Or watch here:

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Gospel Music

Where I work, they have a choir, led by a young musical therapist. I have began to listen to gospel music on WLIB. I also occasionally use another web based program to listen to music.

Watching the movie Junebug, and A Prairie Home Companion, the song "Softly and Tenderly" is sung (only a fragment in PHC). I felt somehow touched by it even though it's christian. I sometimes convert Buddha to Jesus, but it usually doesn't work out. There's a different flavor to Jesus worship than there is to taking refuge in the Buddha. Nevertheless, I am still drawn to gospel music.

I searched for a free mp3 of the song. I should have gone straight to the Junebug website which actually gives away the mp3! I was so happy to have that! There's something very touching about the song to me. Click here to see the lyrics. The sheet music is here.

Wikipedia as usual has a good page on gospel music.

Throughout my life, I have resisted the traditional religion of America. But in finding my own spiritual path, I have felt greater affinity for other's spiritual paths, I'm much more appreciative of other's traditions. I see that as a good sign. It disgusts me to see religious intolerance. A base level of respect for people's own individual journey is my goal and aspiration.

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Vessantara writes in The Breath, "Working with difficulties in meditation can be a bit like persuading a child to do something that you know will benefit it. Like a child, your body and mind don't usually respond well to being ordered around. In meditation, as with parenting, love and friendly encouragement achieve far more than 'Do as I say!'" (p. 86)

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The power of a rupa

In an article in the New York Times, an artist discusses his distaste for the putting of a Buddha in an apartment because of superficiality, and then it ends up he has one in his apartment, "can't get rid of it," and talks to it, and thinks he has a relationship with it. He doesn't quite come off with the knowing attitude I think he's trying to effect, nor is he honest enough and penetrating in my opinion. He admits to pretending to meditate and setting up a shrine just because others did it.

I used to collect little Buddhas many years before I turned to the Buddha, the dharma and the sangha for refuge.