Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Favorite Links

Favorite Links in 2007

I've thought about my favorite web sites for Dharma, and give awards. I don't claim to be objective, I love the FWBO/TBMSG, and the people I know in the movement. Then there are some conventional favorites. Anyway, here they are.

Over All Winner:
I think the world is changed by Free Buddhist Audio. I could riff for hours about 20 of the talks there. Very profound and deep stuff, which I listen to while driving in my car. Falling asleep to a Dharma talk is not quite as good for retention. But it's not just awesome Dharma talks it's also the written seminars of Sangharakshita! It's truly an ocean of Dharma. I think Chandradasa does a good job on the site, and the people before him that made it possible, are to be noted for their efforts. A true gem of the Dharma world. You want to do something to support it aside from donating money (which is something worthy)? You can cut up the tracks, or transcribe one of the talks. You can volunteer for the site to, and be part of something great.

Best New Site: VideoSangha. Funny, reminiscent, and informative.

And: Discussion. Talking about the FWBO/TBMSG can be an endless discussion. Here's some interesting history. It also draws from this lovely web site, I believe.

Favorite News Site:
FWBO/TBMSG News. OK, so I'm a bit of sycophant for FWBO/TBMSG.

Runner Up: BNN, now known as the Buddhist Channel.

Favorite Non-FWBO Blogs: It's a 4 way tie!!

Danny Fisher. He's so good that it hurst when he doesn't talk about the Dalit situation in India, because he seems to cover everything else. Nobody can disappoint you if you don't have high expectations. I hope he can look at the videos on YouTube about the Dalits and comment. He's brought my attention to so many things, and is compassionate.

Another Winner: Trycle Editor's Blog. It's almost a news site, but it integrates the blogshere. It reads other blogs and is very knowing about the whole Buddhist world.

Another winner: Buddhist in Nebraska. I enjoy this one.

Another winner: I like this one quite a lot: The Level 8th Buddhist.

Favorite Buddhist Parenting Blog: Conscious Mom. Ok, so I adore Maia, know the father, and am acquainted with the mother. Still, I like this blog. And it's my awards, so they win.

Best Written Dharma Site: Access To Insight. Here you can get a sutra right away, not delayed gratification, and sometimes multiple translations. This almost wins the overall category because of it's greatness in sharing the Dharma. Read the advice to Bahiya, or the Karaniya Metta Sutta. It's all there in it's glory, and more! Read stuff by Ayya Khema or Edward Conze.

Best Photography blog by a Buddhist: street:haiku. I don't know this woman even though she lives in New York (you mean I don't know all 20 million people?). But I enjoy looking at her photos as a break from my work. I think she's an artist. I wish her well.

Best Encyclopedia site about the Dharma: Wikipedia. A blessing to humankind.

Best On Line Meditation Site: Wildmind is more than about meditation, but you can also get support meditating, if you're in a remote place, without meditation teachers. A true treasure to the world. There are book reviews, and there's a collection of articles about meditation in the news. Unfortunately it doesn't sell meditation supplies any more, but it has a listing of suggested sites to go for that now--Bodhi doesn't leave you high and dry. This is a well managed site. Buy a CD on meditation or download one. You won't regret it.

Best listing of links: Tie: Integral Options Cafe has an often daily Speed Linking entry on his blog (a find blog beyond that). Also Worst Horse has cool links, and some interesting content.

Favorite FWBO people sites:

Kamalashila. Talks and biography by a meditation master.

Vessantara. Amazing pujas by this wonderful writer of the great book Meething The Buddhas.

Best Sangha Website: Vajramati is the master. See the FWBO-NYC site. Smooth graphics, high technology, and even links to meditation timers.

My biggest blogging pet peeve: I don't understand why people post the daily dharma dew from Tricycle, and either don't attribute it, or don't comment on it, just past it in like it's new content, or both! Just click here and put this into your reader instead.

There's a lot of great Dharma on the web, and these were my favorite sites in 2007. I'm sure I've left out some great stuff--that's my limitation. I wish everyone well.


Danny Fisher said...

Aw, thanks.

And FYI: I have actually done a couple of posts about the Dalits and their work...

* http://chaplaindanny.blogspot.com/2007/09/news-dalit-movement-wins-2007-rafto.html

* http://chaplaindanny.blogspot.com/2007/08/please-help-with-bihar-flood-relief.html

Shrijnana said...

Hi, Thanks for the award! It inspires me to keep writing.

An Xiao Photography said...

Thank you so much for the kind link :) Feel free to email me if you'd like to get lunch in the city some time.