Thursday, April 03, 2008

new talk

The order recently had a celebration of the order turning 40 (my age, coincidentally), and I'm hoping some talks will be coming out on soon. Dhammarati has graciously offered up his talk, in a link from his blog.

Dhammarati is humble and candid, he's striving for clarity and fidelity. He appreciates a good challenge.

Living in a small backwater of the FWBO, I feel a kind of kinship with people by listening to talks. I spend time in the car and falling asleep listening to the talks.

I've probably spent the most time with Dhammarati, of any visiting order member, because he's been hostage to me as we drive up to Aryaloka from NYC because I have a car. I have striven to make use of the opportunity. He's actually done some good work mediating between my private preceptor and me. I am grateful for his existence. And to give the world a second talk, I feel gratitude for that. He has a talk on, which I have listened to many times, called Breaking The Mould

He talks specifically about the FWBO way, in this new talk, so for those new to the Dharma, I might not start here. But if you're interested in the FWBO way, it's not bad. Breaking The Mould is an awesome talk, maybe listen to that one first.

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