Sunday, June 08, 2008

4 mindfulness & patience +

Some recent elements of my practice have included the Song of Four Mindfulnesses by Tsongkhapa

Another element is the perfection of patience.

I've been reading Touching Enlightenment by Reginald Ray, who has an organization called Dharma Ocean.

I reserve a new book for when I wake up, I'm at my most lucid and receptive. Then there are moments in my day when I snatch some reading. I've been rereading Nonviolent communication by Marshall Rosenberg at the park with the boys. The Wikipedia article on NVC notes that it's written like an advertisement.

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Stephen Parks Bell said...

I particularly like mindfulness of the body, after reading Reginald Ray's book Touching The Body:

In the divine mansion of great bliss, pleasant to feel,
Abides the divine body which is your own body of pure aggregates and constituents,
A deity with the Three Bodies inseparable is there.
Not conceiving yourself to be ordinary, practise divine pride and vivid appearance,
Not letting your mind stray, place it within the profound and the manifest,
Making your attention unforgetful, maintain it within the profound and the manifest.