Friday, November 14, 2008

Buddhist youth - boys

Buddhist youth - boys
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Donate money for NYC-FWBO all night meditation.
The cause supports Buddhist youths.

Here's the letter I sent out to family, friends and peers:

Dear family,

I will be meditating for 12 hours (all night) beginning December 12th to raise money for youth in India. Please support me and the youth of India.

The ex-untouchable movement, lead by Ambedkar over 50 years ago, is a more than worthy cause. This hero Ambedkar, when he was a kid, had to sit outside the school and look through the window because he was "untouchable". Imagine that. He ended getting 2 Ph.Ds and helped to write India's constitution, which outlawed caste prejudice. And yet caste prejudice and abuse still thrive in India for the ex-untouchables. People are frequently murdered. There are many grizzly details that are shocking and horrible. Caste prejudice is an abomination.

To combine spiritual individualism and spiritual altruism, we've created an event to test ourselves, and raise money for a worthy cause, like getting sponsors for a running marathon. But this is a meditation marathon.

To support me and the worthy youth in India, please follow the link and donate:

Unfortunately you can only donate in pounds. The exchange rate is about 2-1, though the dollar seems to be strengthening, so I donated 5 pounds, which is about $10-11. About one dollar for every hour I meditate.

Thank you for your attention,

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