Friday, April 03, 2009

Challenging quotes

I reviewed a book which I read for the first time "warm Dharma hug" Buddhism, suggesting perhaps that we could challenge ourselves a little more than that, though of course one does not exclude the other. And if we are challenging ourselves, we could use a hug now and then.

Sangharakshita has some challenging quotes in the must buy book The Essential Sangharakshita:

"...if you are spiritually complacent, you will tend to seek a position of spiritual leadership by way of compensation for your lack of real spiritual effort." (p. 49)

"According to the Buddha, the spiritual life is an active life, a strenuous life. We might even say it is a militant life. We have to take offensive against Mara. We should not wait for him to tap us on the shoulder. Attack is the best method of defense; prevention is better than cure." (p58)

The second quote is embedded in a longer few paragraphs that are very inspiring.

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