Thursday, April 16, 2009

Essential Sangharakshita Quotes

p. 150 "Human beings are today less free to think and feel simply, naturally, and spontaneously than at any other period in history."

p. 155 "One penetrates beyond the rational mind by way of exhausting the resources of the rational mind."

p. 156 "We are forever dropping one thing and picking up another, then when we sit down to meditate, unfinished business resurfaces and hinders our concentration."

p. 160 "These days we are constantly being given theoretical previews."

p. 168 " a liberal estimate, one in twenty Western Buddhists gets around to trying to practicing Buddhism."

Here's the latest review of The Essential Sangharakshita.

Here's an interesting quote in review of the book:

"One thing to note at the outset of this section is that those looking to this book for information about the Western Buddhist Order (WBO) or Friends of the Western Buddhist Order (FWBO) will be disappointed. There is not a single reference (that I noticed) by Sangharakshita to his worldly projects within the text, and only the briefest of mentions in the introduction and in an end matter blurb. As a Buddhist who is not familiar with the FWBO, I would have liked a chapter or so of explanation about the sangha, especially considering some of the information about controversies (true or otherwise) available on the web. But I can also see not including anything about the Order in order to focus on the material itself."

I found the above quote interesting, because I didn't think about that, me being an FWBO person and all. I would recommend Buddhism for Today by Subhuti. I feel that book captures the ideals of the movement.

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