Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mamma Zen

Here's a quote from Mamma Zen by Karen Maezen Miller:

“There is a certain attitude, perhaps unavoidable, that most of us seem to adopt when we grow up. It’s a kind of self-satisfied conclusion that our parents didn’t love us enough. They didn’t love us the right way. They didn’t love us just so. Have your own child and you will penetrate in to he utter absurdity of that idea. You will love your child as your parents loved you and their parents loved them. With a love that is humbling and uncontrived, immense and indestructible. Parents err, of course, and badly. They can be ignorant, foolish, mean and far worse, in was that you can come to forgive in them and try to prevent in yourself. But this wholesale shortage of parental love at the crux of everyone’s story must be the product of shabby and self serving recollections. Now that you are a mother, and set that story aside, forgetting everything you thought you knew about love.”

I find this quote powerful.

Along similar lines, there is Naiken Therapy.

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