Sunday, February 21, 2010

More on Tiger

The Dali Lama has commented on Tiger Woods. I find it so fascinating that the leader of one of six Tibetan groups, is seen as a kind of pope of Buddhism, when in fact Buddhism has been very good at resisting a central authority. Even in my own realitively small fledgling group, the former FWBO, now know as Triratina Buddhist Community. I wonder what other Buddhist leaders are going to be questioned by journalists.

I can't be bothered to verify if this is true, but according to this article, the home of Brit Hume, Fox has edited out his statement about Buddhism. I like it, in the comments someone calls it "Faux Noiz".

This article quotes Tiger as saying he doesn't believe in Enlightenment.

I believe in Enlightenment. Today on our practice day I'm going to talk about the 3 Fetters, which if they are broken, lead to stream entry. Your being has a momentum that will end in Enlightenment. It is seen as a realistic goal.

Tiger might consider this lovely talk to help clarify his ideas of Enlightenment.

And here's a link that collects links on this subject.


CrypticFragments said...

Tiger Woods you not think that the fact that ANY Buddhist spiritual leader is in the world spotlight is a good thing, regardless of his school?
HH brings attention to the dharma by his very presence in the spotlight and that cannot be bad, at least imho.

Stephen Parks Bell said...

Yes of course it's good, but would not a quote from a Thai Buddhist been better, since that's more where he gets his mother's Buddhism? There is no pope in Buddhism, and I think that is a real difference. And his comment was basically that any spiritual leader would be against sexual addiction. I think he is the sound bite man, and it feels like lazy journalism to me: Get a Buddhist to respond, anyone will do. Shows a lack of understanding of Buddhism. Like interviewing a Baptist when a Methodist does something wrong, and then leaving it at that.