Saturday, February 13, 2010

quote from a spiritual memior

I enjoyed this quote from This Side of Nirvana by Sara Jenkins:

"Looking back at how others seem to have guided and eased my journey, those who were the most helpful were not (as far as I know) attempting to do anything for me. They were simply following their own path." (p210)

I find it interesting how we influence each other and what fosters positive change in people.

I have read probably 8 Buddhist memoirs, and I'd say this is the best one I've read: Good writing, good storytelling, spiritual insight and friendships, not too long. I like Sangharakshita's 5 memiors, but they are so long and really try to cover his long life, they are not as focused as this single volume. This is an honest account of an average person's struggles in practice on the path.

I think the other memoirs don't give away as much of the struggle, they were people who just took off. Sangharakshita's story is amazing in many ways, but also not so much of our times. To actually go forth the way Sangharakshita did, without any possessions. All the famous people and famous times he lived through are cool.

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